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The Me We Us Series explores three types of pairings; ME for the solo play, WE stories that involve couple play, and US exploring a scene with multiple partners at one time. Download the series to explore new ways to play yourself or with your partner(s).


Includes:   Watch Me    

                      12 Hands 


                      The Rub   

                      740 Park Ave.

                      Dirty Cop



The Provocative Conversation Series are the stories we tell our friends, lovers, and/or even strangers. These are stories in the form of gossip, confessions, and the art of woo- tales of liaisons, fantasies, promises, and lies. The Provocative Conversation series are similar to the stories we tell daily. Find your new story in this series.


Includes;  Carmella Goldstein

                     Drew Harrison

                     Pambellina Corso

                     Lily Harrowsmith

                     Selma Bravan

                     The Stranger



All 12 audio stories at one great price.



Me We Us + Provocative Conversation Series

C$45.98 Regular Price
C$34.49Sale Price
  • One .zip file containing 2 .mp3 files.

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